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Creating emotionally connected

experiences for forward-thinking Artists


SOUNDHOUSE is comprised of top producers, composers, and sound designers — who specialize in songwriting, music production, modern sound design, and original music for individuals, film, tv, game, and web landscapes.

  • Music Production
  • Sound Design
  • Original Music
  • Songwriting
  • Mixing & Mastering
  • MC Studios


STUDIO specializes in conceptualizing and creating purpose-driven experiences across all narrative formats. We dream, design, and craft brand stories that engage our audience, and capture and retain them.

  • Creative Direction
  • Tone & Voice
  • Lifestyle Touchpoints
  • Content Development
  • Photography & Film
  • Visual Identity


Creative Culture leads, designs, and implements business solutions that help clients build for the future. CC provides the tools needed to make bold, groundbreaking moves through industry expertise and insights.

  • Brand Strategy
  • Creative Optimization
  • Brand Positioning
  • Creative Consulting
  • Content Strategy
  • Research & Insights


Future is a full-service digital and social media team focused on projecting tailored voices, driving word of mouth, and helping broadcast and circulate artists within their genres.

  • Campaign Creation
  • Digital Strategy
  • Content Creation
  • Social Management
  • Digital Consulting
  • Influencer Outreach


Creating compelling results

in a world of accelerating change